when I met you I was scared to fall in love
butterflies grew claws and scratched up my insides
no coincidence that eyes dilate for both fear and longing
my heart learns you
molds only to your hands
your hands know me
know only my throat
windpipe beckoned to bone
and bones to dust
our first date was on backs looking up at stars
that familiar shimmer reminds me that you placed those flickers in the air
then you created space to keep the stars from ever seeing the sun
now space has filled my veins
and the moon lies behind my tongue
my breaths become reflections
my blood seeps into puddles beneath my feet
and I remember that these stars are not yours
I’ve thought my feelings into fog
filled my lungs with smog
there is no turning back from this place I have escaped into
who I have become loves who I am more than she ever did

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