I dance the line between real and whimsical
darling, you are the force-field that keeps me grounded
bends and warps, but always catches me
noose me to the hip of ambition, and set me free
let it pull and tug
and move me to greatness
I want to do this life with you
I want life
if only you knew how rare an utterance such as this was before you
my soul lied in wait for the god that never was and never will be,
but you are my first sip of water after a 500 mile walk though a desert through which none have treaded
the only breath that never escaped me
the only future that will not phase me
I thank the stars for every beautiful and broken thing that led me to your arms
my pious curses have been silenced
my screams have been bottled with a message to sender and thrown into an ocean too deep for us to comprehend
I have learned to love the winds and curves of the sidewalk
I have learned to love
our scars melt together beneath sheets I never thought I’d touch,
under a moon whose rays I never though I’d feel
you brought me back from a place unbeknownst,
and unbeknownst to me, you saved me

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